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35 percent of India's populations live on less than a dollar a day, rendering it nearly impossible for the poor to provide enough food for their families.

It is no wonder that of all the world’s malnourished children, one out of three lives in India. The struggle to eat is intensified for orphans, women, and those with disabilities.

Calcutta Mercy Ministries believes no man, woman, or child should go to bed starving.  The partners and donors of Calcutta Mercy Ministries support the feeding of the poor in India. Through numerous feeding stations located in and outside Calcutta, 25,000 impoverished people daily receive a hot, nutritious meal.

By eliminating the distraction of hunger, many people find the much-needed health and energy to take new steps towards a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Calcutta Mercy Ministries accomplishes this collaboratively by funding the operational efforts of its partner Indian charities, Calcutta Mercy Hospital and Assemblies of God Mission.