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Our Mission

Calcutta Mercy Ministries' mission is to be the hands, feet, and hearts that serve the poor of Calcutta.

With hands to give, we help deliver compassionate, end-to-end care to a compact, overcrowded city living largely below the poverty line. Around 40,000 receive free medical care each year at Calcutta Mercy Hospital, and 100 young women seeking to support their families learn the art of medicine at the School of Nursing. At numerous locations in and outside Calcutta, 25,000 people a day enjoy hot meals through a feeding program started by our founders, Mark and Huldah Buntain.

Every day is rich with opportunities as we proactively work to meet new areas of needs. With feet to go, we take steps towards self-sustainable programs. To date, the programs Calcutta Mercy Ministries supports are 85 percent self-supported by the Indian people and entirely managed by national workers. Each year, over 350 volunteers assist in the effort by lending generous, hands-on care.

Meanwhile, we invest in hearts to grow by raising passionate leaders in the fields of education, community development, and healthcare. Through motivational seminars, leadership schools, distance learning classes, and a new College of Nursing, Calcutta Mercy Hospital doctors, nurses, administrators and chaplains receive the advanced training necessary to ensure a strong foundation and certain future for each aspect of what we support.

Hands to give, feet to go, and hearts to grow are the spring board off which Calcutta Mercy Ministries brings new life to thousands of impoverished men, women, and children. We invite you to join us in our mission to serve more people, in more cities, with the highest quality care.

Your donation will be directed to a restricted fund and will be used to accomplish the stated purpose for which it was given, either by a donation from Calcutta Mercy Ministries to a partner organization or by direct payment.